Danny Bones ft Odeal – Let It Go

East London artists Danny Bones and Odeal are giving us some feel good vibes with a new song “Let It Go”. Filled with melodies that automatically lift the mood, stuffing the room with positive vibes, accompanied by lyrics that further push this agenda. “Let It Go” talks about growth, putting in the work required to keep moving forward in life, letting go of those niggling … Continue reading Danny Bones ft Odeal – Let It Go

For The Culture – The Playlist

Welcome back to Culture Statements, we hope you’ve had an amazing week! Our first playlist is now up, we will be updating this every two weeks so make sure you send in all your new music for a chance to be featured! The playlist is composed of a range of urban music, from UK Hip-Hop to grime to afrobeats, a range of styles to bring … Continue reading For The Culture – The Playlist

Ty Real Gives Energy With New Single “Block”

Never failing to achieve a vibrant atmosphere, Ty Real is back with a new single “Block”. If you haven’t heard, you’re lagging behind, this young artist from West London is stamping his name on the hip-hop scene with VIM! With a bouncy flow and explosive lyrics, the vibe of the song becomes very infectious, Ty Real tells us more about the process below. You can … Continue reading Ty Real Gives Energy With New Single “Block”

Northamptonshire artist Woozy brings us into his studio with “Everyday”

English artist Woozy has always sought a more contemplative and emotionally nuanced approach to his music. His latest track, “Everyday (feat. CTP),” as well as its accompanying video, is no exception. Shot almost exclusively in his apartment, which has been fittingly backlit with multicolored LED’s, the video captures the energy of a lowkey night at home with a few friends. Yet, there is also an … Continue reading Northamptonshire artist Woozy brings us into his studio with “Everyday”

Bellyache – A Statement by Jah Digga & 2Tone

Jah Digga is an Artist to watch right now. His new track “Bellyache” gives those cool vibes, you know, the type you wanna chill out in the lounge to, with a light bop to your head. Out in Nottingham, Jah Digga is a big part of his local community, consistently producing content with a positive message. A young black king, giving the world an idea … Continue reading Bellyache – A Statement by Jah Digga & 2Tone

Music/Poetry Competition!

As you may know, here at Culture Statements, we love to run competitions and events so we can give artists their chance to shine! Throughout the month of August and early September were giving another opportunity for an artist to get their name heard. This time, it’s a music and spoken word competition! There will be one winner only, the prize is £50 cash or … Continue reading Music/Poetry Competition!